Friday, May 1, 2015

Camp NaNoWriMo Wrap-up

Not sure if you noticed, but yesterday this pretty little logo quietly appeared on my blog.

That's right! Another month of writing a draft in the bag. Although this one was a bit different for me. Rather than working on a novel draft, I decided to work on a 10,000 word novella draft. I had a specific idea in mind, and a specific goal for that idea. That is, I am going to submit this novella to a writing contest.

And I'm proud of myself for completing a draft. But now I have a month to sort out that draft, and a mess of a manuscript to deal with. Seriously, I feel like it's all exploration and no plot. A lot of my main character telling me about her life and not much happening. Paragraphs are repeated in different forms. I seriously have never had so little time to deal with such a mess before. Why couldn't this troubled and troublesome little piece of art be as easy to deal with as Asteroid 433 Eros was? That short story was so easy to write. It behaved itself, it adhered to a nice, simple plot structure. Ugh!

I'll let you know about my progress as I go. But in the meantime, I'm already thinking about my next draft. Camp NaNoWriMo July is coming up. It's a tough one! Who wants to stay inside slogging away on a novel draft when it's sunny outside! But I am motivated by this win to work on a full 50,000 word novel draft during July. What do you think I should work on? I have two ideas: the next draft in my Omorbia series (which would bring me up to draft #3), or that historical fiction idea I have knocking around the back of my head. I am leaning towards the former. What do you think I should work on?