Saturday, May 24, 2014

Countdown to the move...

So, yes. Things are very hectic right now. I am definitely putting my blogs on hold until early June. The packers are coming on Wednesday, we skip town in one week. And then we'll have five days of traveling.

In the meantime, I am actually tweeting a lot more. I do check my email and my feedly during small bits of downtime, but I don't have enough time nor material to write full blog posts (unless you want to hear about address changing, selling unused items, contacting the utilities companies...). So if you want to hear from me, mainly in the form of "hey look at this cool article" or "I've got an instagram for you", you can follow my author feed here or my other feed (style) here.

Okay, that's all. Hope you're having a great (finally) summer!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Cover Reveal! And some move news...

So, I know now that I'll be moving at the end of the month. Things with the move are a little we'll be living out of boxes for two months in a rental until our actual house is finished actually being built in August. I will endeavor to update my blogs as often as possible, but during this upcoming chaotic summer I'm not sure I can promise much!

But that's all in the future! So today, I quickly did some mock-up covers for RoboNomics Book I and Book II. It means that RoboNomics Book I's cover might turn out to be a bit different from what it is now. We'll see. It's so pretty as is I might keep it. But in the meantime, let me know what you think of these rough-ups:

Blogger won't quite let me get them beside each other. So here's Book I...

And here's Book II....

New titles (well, titles I've held back for a long time). What'd ya think?

Monday, May 5, 2014

I'm baaaaaack! From my trip.

Hey kids! So I lately have been busy with a house hunting trip, but now I'm back into my old schedule until such time I'm allowed to leave this dreary city (any day now -- could be up to a month -- don't know when).


So, if you've been following the progress of RoboNomics Book I on Wattpad, you may have noticed that the book is complete! And because I have lots to work on in terms of Book II, and also because I am moving sometime this summer (and then again in August when our new home will be completed), I won't be posting RoboNomics Book II on Wattpad until September 1.

Until then...

Until then I have quite a lot to work on and tease for Book II. On my other blog, Inspirational Music for Writers, I plan on posting certain playlists: a 'Soundtrack' for Book I although with a sort of music preview preliminary 'soundtrack' for Book II.

I'm also planning on working on a trailer for Book II, since my original RoboNomics book trailer really heavily focuses around the events of Book I.

You also may have noticed that I've entered RoboNomics Book I into the Wattpad Prize. Whether I win or not, once Wattpad announces the winners in June, I'm planning on changing my book covers slightly to better reflect the two-book nature of RoboNomics.

So lots to work on, lots to think about, and if you're a fan of mine: lots to look forward to! I hope you're excited as I am! It's good to be back! :)