Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Reupp Introduction and Update

Some time ago, I was approached by someone involved in a start-up website to submit my story, RoboNomics, to the site. It's called Reupp.

What is Reupp?

Originally started as a way for fans of cancelled TV shows to get their favourites back on the air, it's now a bit of a market research tool to help producers from companies such as Netflix and the Syfy Network figure out which shows to pursue and produce, based on what users are interested in.

The website is currently is relaunch mode, so I don't have much to tell you as yet. Before Reupp went down for relaunch, however, I had done a bunch of careful research and was satisfied that nothing scammy was going on -- even going so far as reading their legalese. What they basically do, if TV or movie producers are interested in the work, is that they negotiation the sale of what's called, in the writing world, "the option." Short form for the right to produce a movie or TV show based on that particular story.

I mean, I can definitely see RoboNomics becoming a weekly TV series, given that it was edited with Wattpad and serialization in mind. But of course, in true diva author style, I imagine it as being produced with the same production value and massive budget as Game of Thrones. Shiny.

The tragedy there is that once an author sells the option to make her work into a televised production or a movie, all bets are off. The show could never be made into even a pilot. The pilot could never be picked up. The show could be a load of crap, with bad acting and bad lighting and a bad script and canned music and arghhh....the thought of it all is frustrating and heart-rending, considering how much time and effort of my own has been poured into the work.

But it's still a risk that I am willing to take, I suppose. So when Reupp relaunches, I am definitely going to put RoboNomics forward. With any luck, there will be enough users of the site to make up a big enough slice of the population for producers to trust in it. And so I'm telling you about it today. I'll give you updates as I have them to give, but I thought a quick introduction would help. Oh and look at the trailer: