Monday, May 4, 2015

Dragons that look like Horses...

Maybe because Camp NaNoWriMo has just ended, I am already contemplating the next one, coming up this July. And because I'm anticipating it, I'm thinking a lot about my fantasy world called Omorbia.

I've thinking about Omorbia for years and years and years. Decades, in fact. The very first character that I made up for this world has been around since I was in second grade (and she'll appear in the second instalment of the series, The Princess and the Dragon. She is the titular dragon, and I've been thinking about her and sketching her for over twenty years.

However, I'm no artist and I never was. I learned a little bit about drawing from Commander Mark on the Secret City and from one of the accompanying books.

I remember looking through the book to figure out how to draw a dragon. However, there wasn't any lessons on how to draw a dragon. But there was a lesson on how to draw a horse! And from then on, all of my dragons looked like mythical lizards with horses' heads.

This first one is from a margin of my tenth grade notebook. It's a bit hard to see the long muzzle and protruding nostrils...markers are a bit of a ham-fisted tool. But you can see that apparently, I thought dragons had massive bug-eyes. And are bi-pedal. Actually, I'm not sure that I'll compromise on that point.

Or maybe I will.
A few years later, another example:

You can see more of the horse head in this sleeping, friendly dragon. And the ears in both drawings are very much what my horse ears always looked like. Why a horse? I have no idea. But apparently the idea stuck, since I drew an updated version about five years ago:
Definitely fancier, but whenever I look at this sketch all I can think is "that dragon has the head of a horse." Bizarre. But I think I'll keep it.

Perhaps these drawings have given you a glimpse into the nature of Omorbian dragons. Apparently they carry weapons and sleep happily. Or do they? You'll have to read The Princess and the Dragon when it comes out on +Wattpad. And when will that be? Well, the way Book I is going, I'm looking forward to a September release of Chapter 1. Until then, you can only speculate!