Thursday, May 7, 2015

Patreon Update

Some time ago, actually so long ago it's a bit embarrassing, I wrote on this blog about Patreon. Patreon, which is a way to find funding for this, my other blogs, as well as my +Wattpad stories while working towards the goal of having an actual book to sell, seemed like a good idea. It still does.

The only problem is, between taking a long time to get used to being on camera and figuring out how to use video editing suites, I've only produced a handful of video and all for that other side of my online personality, Sense of Aesthetic. I've been dragging my feet.

Again, it seems that all this has gone on the back burner because of a little trick of human psychology: the moment you tell someone about a goal or a plan, it's as if it has already been accomplished. The words we say have that much magic to them: that perhaps it's the same chemical reaction in our brains as if the thing were a fait accompli.

And so I haven't produced my introduction video. Well, I have...but it was terrible. Unusable. But have I refilmed it? No. And so I haven't even launched my Patreon page. All my own fault, I will admit it.

Shall I tell you my plans for that page? None of us have to be slaves to our biology, I believe...after all, we do all have this little thing call decision making that happens every moment of every day of our lives. However, perhaps this time I'll keep it to myself, and you'll just have to be surprised! ;)

Give you another update soon!