Monday, March 31, 2014

Back into Scrivener

So late last week I decided to attend a free online webinar (as described here) on the topic of how to use Scrivener. I've had the writing software for some time, but I have only ever used it sporadically.

Despite some technical difficulties, I found the webinar helpful. There wasn't tons covered, mostly the basics, since there was a big chunk of time devoted to the hard sell of further courses to become actually proficient in the software. However, I am pretty good at being resourceful enough to figure out all those other features.

What the course was really good for was giving me that push I needed to start actually properly using Scrivener. So I've devoted much of today in organizing all of my writings in the program. And I've uncovered a lot more writing than I thought I had completed. Three short stories, five novels in various stages of completion. Now I know what I can work on during those daily bouts of writing 1,000 words of new material!

The other great thing about the webinar was that it was the first "hashtag" event that I've ever attended. So while I listened in and followed along with the slides, I split my screen with twitter and could use the hashtag to contribute to a conversation. It was pretty cool! :)

Anyways, I would recommend Scrivener. You don't need it to be a proficient writer for sure -- but it does help to gather everything together so that you don't have to spend so much time digging through a messy hard drive, google drive, et cetera. Which was what I used to do a lot of!