Monday, March 10, 2014

1,000 words a day

So I've been struggling with one of my New Year's Resolutions. Specifically, writing 1,000 words of new material each day.

But lately I've been doing better. Thanks to a pro habit I've picked up, I've gone from 0 words most days to over 1000 words every week day. So that's a start.

It seems like such an easy habit, but it's powerful. As in the picture, I record my progress on a physical, paper calendar. The one I have is a magnetized version that I found at the dollar store with blank squares, so it's flexible enough to be used for any year, any month, any purpose. But you can basically use any paper calendar.

The requirements for this habit to work, however, are that the calendar can hang where you can see it, and that you use any Sharpie or marker you have or can easily (read: cheaply) obtain. I think this is key because I find seeing my numbers in big, bold letters helps to keep me accountable.

Also, I realize that my original New Year's resolution was to write at least 1000 words of new material each day. However, I am now up to every week day. Maybe that's the thing about New Year's Resolutions that makes them not fail: to think of them as progress, rather than an absolute that must be sustained. I am proud of myself that I have made progress on this particular resolution. And it sure feels good to produce more fiction! :)

(Now to get to work on today's 1000 words!)