Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Way Off Topic

Like I whined about last week, I really am scraping the bottom of the barrel here when it comes to writing-related topics lately. So I'll digress and talk about my adventure today.

(Warning: do not proceed unless you are interested in blatant displays of rampant consumerism or are not depressed by the human urge to buy all of the things!)

Anyways, tomorrow morning is the grand opening of another Marshalls here in Winnipeg. And so, about a week ago, I got an email announcing that fact and stating, since I carry the TJX loyalty card (free, as all my loyalty cards are) that I could come to the new location today from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and have first crack at buying shiny new things in their shiny new store. But only the first 200 folks would be let in.

Let me just say, I've never done anything like this. And Winnipeg being what it is, I had no idea what to expect. Back when I lived in downtown Toronto, and they'd be a similar happening, i.e. H&M designer collection release, let's say, I'd avoid it. The lines would stretch around the block the night before, with folks camped out on the sidewalk to snap up Versace's budget collection and promptly sell those pieces, tags on, for inflated prices on eBay (like a friend of mine once said, live in Toronto -- get used to hustling).

Of course, this is not Toronto. But I went at 10 a.m. anyways just to see what was up. Nothing. Got my lunch, sat in my car in front of the store to eat it at noon. And then was quickly joined in car-sitting by at least 50 other people. So I waited, thinking that if no one had lined up outside by 12:45, I'd be the first. No need. At 12:40 a couple of people went to line up and the flood gates opened. All of a sudden everyone got out of their cars and braved the (actually not so cold for here at 1 degree Celsius) to line up. I was probably fifth in line. Thanks, natural wellspring of nervous energy!

 It was an interesting experience.


1. Clean, clean, clean. Spotless newness. Hope it lasts.
2. First crack at new merchandise, and lots of it. Lovely displays -- nauseatingly making me want to spend oodles of monies.
3. Much smaller crowd then there will be tomorrow, on the actual opening day.
4. Staff peppy, energized, helpful. Since you know, the time they have to spend dealing with annoying customers like me is only two hours.


1. Ummmm....amount of merchandise? Okay, this is nit picky and kind of my own fault. I hit the shoe section first. Bad mistake since once I got to the clothes, I almost immediately discovered a Juicy couture 100% silk dress -- fit and flare -- the style that flatters my body most -- blue (favourite color) florals -- in only size 2 and 0 left (I need a 4). Tried the 2 nevertheless. Hopeful, bit couldn't get the zipper up all the way. Shame. :(

2. "Mystery Gift Cards". All right. I suppose it's fair that I got a $10 one, they are mysteries. But honestly, I totally thought it would go to today's purchase. It doesn't. That's a bit stingy. I have your loyalty card for crap's sake!!! :P

Now, onto what I bought. I'm not going to include prices, because this is Canada and that's depressing.

Weeeeee! Gratuitous consumption!

Cute little sandals, since I don't currently own any casual, flat sandals. Love the colors. :)

Neon pink and beige cutout flats. I had to have these as soon as I saw them. Good thing they fit and are comfy!

Black and white polka dot top with a bit of a mild peplum. Peplum is my favorite, flattering, I wish it would never go out of style. And this is a beautiful top on me. As soon as I put it on, I knew. Which is the only way I really buy anything.

Black and white blazer. I have a thing for blazers, and I was proud of myself that I keep it to one. On trend, and close to another Pink Tartan one I left at the store, at a fraction of the cost.

Flowy, breezy emerald top with amazing lace. Casual summer.

Bling shorts. I tried on a lot of shorts while I was there. But I am picky about shorts. Having a pear shape with Shapely thighs means that most shorts that look just fine on stick legs look on me like I'm trying to flash you. So these bermuda-length ones are appropriate.

And the jewel of the trip: a Pink Tartan midi-length skirt. I usually am not a fan of the below the knee skirt, but this makes me look like a cute 50s housewife. It was a little pricey for me, but a lot less than the $295 originally asked for. I went on a tear through my spring and summer clothes to see if I had anything to wear with it, to justify the expense. A few outfits emerged. Actually it's really great with any tucked-in t-shirt.

I left a lot of things behind. I was ruthless, picking these from probably the 30 things (including shoes) that I tried on. I also skipped the Hello Kitty beauty bits, nail polishes and manicure sets, lingerie and bags that I could have bought, had I no budget. Ah well -- perhaps some other time. :P

Yay! Now I am finished my clothing shopping for the season and excited for spring (which will come...oh, maybe by the time I get back to Ontario?)