Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Update: Day #1

Woo hoo! One pound down! Now this is encouraging....


Okay, so progress. Progress is good. But it's not like it's easy. Here was what yesterday looked like:


40 Minutes Yoga
2 cups of hot water with a lemon wedge


A basic smoothie of my own devising:

1 cup frozen raspberries
6 ounces plain 0% fat yogurt with probiotics
1 stock kale, chopped
1 tbsp agave nectar
1 tbsp ground flaxseed

And a cup of green tea. This is the smoothie I make when I am stuck for ideas. Probiotics, protein, fruit, veg. It's all good. You'll see in the weeks ahead that because I have the cheapest blender known to human kind, I have to do a lot of extra work to help it along. This includes pre-chopping almost everything!!!!

Snack #1:

Another smoothie of my own devising, since I had to get some more calories before braving the grocery store. Otherwise I'd find myself standing in an aisle behind my grocery cart staring into the middle distance, half-braindead. This is what I meant by out of control insulin levels. Ridiculous.

1 of those little snack cup thingys of unsweetened applesauce (since I'm pretty sure my blender cannot handle apples). I used one of those Mott's flavoured ones that was called Anti-Oxidant but basically means apples and pomegrante.
1 cup frozen raspberries
Like 1/4 cup almond milk just to make it work
1 tbsp ground flaxseed

A little less successful since the applesauce and almond milk don't exactly mesh well.


#18 from here. A lot of my smoothie idea are going to come from this list since it seems to have a great mixture of fruit, veg, protein.

So Mango, Carrot and Herb sounds like a crazy weird mixture, right? Wrong! It was the best smoothie I have ever had. EVER! I put mint and basil in mine and it was so so so so so so goooooooooooooood. It made me have high hopes for the rest of the list.

Oh and I had green tea. Like at every meal.

Snack #2:

Alright, here's where it got a little wonky. I blame the cat for crying half the night and keeping me up. See, I didn't exactly wake up at my usual time and so the entire day was off-kilter. I actually had this snack right before dinner, and it was an 'escape hatch' snack.

I was right in the middle of making dinner when I felt faint. Low-blood-sugar faint. And so I cheated. Sort of. I had a Larabar. Yes, I bought them at the grocery store knowing that something like this might happen. I'm hoping I can get better at front-loading my days with protein so it doesn't happen again.

Anyways then I made dinner.


Carrot Soup from Dr. Joshi's Holistic Detox. Wish I could type the recipe here, but I'm pretty sure that would be bad. Other soup ideas come from Whole Living and Eating Well.


So first I did Zumba for 50 minutes. I had a bunch of water while I was at it. I had had, throughout the day, 8 glasses of water, 8 ounces each. Hooray!

Then I made myself some herbal tea. Mojito from Tedley, yummy. I like mint. Then I couldn't get over my post-workout I need 300 more calorie to repair body hang-up, so I had another smoothie. It was....a kefir smoothie from The 17 Day Diet. Super simple: kefir (I use raspberry flavoured), mixed frozen berries, flaxseed again.

All in all I was under my calories by about 79 or so, no bigger. And I lost a pound! Now if only I could get over that need-to-hit-my-calorie-limit thing. It comes from being obsessed with tracking on My Fitness Pal, I think, and the little warning they give you if you don't eat enough.