Thursday, October 18, 2012


I was just reading a couple of my previous posts on here and realized that I tend to muck up my verb tenses and pluralizationisms. Call it fatigue.

Anyways today I thought I'd write about nail polish. Woot. It's a rainy day and cold, and other than some transcription I have no work. Poop. So I painted my nails.

Recently I stumbled across some China Glaze nail polish in Winners (T.J. Maxx if you're American -- more or less best store ever) that was 3 for $10. I've actually never seen China Glaze sold in Canadian stores. Or maybe I've never noticed. There were a bunch of three packs with weirdo colours, but here's the one I got:

So it's three metallics: gold, silver, and this bronze-y one. And they are crackle polish. Now, I realize that the trend itself is like, so over or whatever. But I've never tried them and always have wanted to. But I could never justify paying $14 in walmart or sephora for a single bottle.

You have to have a second colour on the bottom for the things to work. So the first combination I tried was this midnight blue called Pier 17 from NYC with silver. It was awesome. The thing about NYC nail polish is that they are a dollar cheaper or so than Wet N' Wild, but they are sooooo watery. Whatever. I can't really go for $2.50 bottles of Wet N' Wild at the moment. And the NYC colours are nice -- at least.

Today I tried Black and Gold. So awesome!

So there's the NYC colour. It's called Bowery Black but it has this weird iridescence to it that makes it look more like gunmetal. One of these days I'll buy a true black and wear only that with bright cherry red lips and my fake leather (apparently now called 'vegan') moto jacket and be angry. Flashback to 2009.
Okay so this is what it looks like:
Argh! I have claws! No just kidding. Anyways I really like this. It makes me wants to dress all edgy. I wish my sister was here so we could both do this. Shout out sistafriend! I know you're reading this! ;P
Ok I'm going to do some writing now. Later.