Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mixed Bag

Weight loss has stalled, feel super bloaty. TMI, I know. Tried to write and clean the house at the same time. Never a good idea.

We were going to go to Minneapolis this long weekend, but we'll be staying home instead. No Mall of America/Target and H&M for me. :(
First we couldn't find his passport, then it seems like if we go at Easter we might have more money for it. Then we decided that I would break my diet and have a couple's version of turkey dinner (since I found a box of stuffing and a packet of gravy in the I'm going to make a pumpkin pie! Now I need a couple turkey breast, a few potatoes and some veggies to make bacon vegetables! (We had those at my brother's wedding a few weeks ago. Best veggies ever!)

And now, on top of everything, it's snowing. First week of October. Oh yah, this is going to be an AWESOME winter. :(

So I had an interview yesterday. It went well, but I won't hear back about it for awhile. If I get it, that will mean that including writing I will have 6 jobs. SIX. This one summer in university I had three jobs: weekday job, weeknight job, and weekend job. That was hell. But SIX? tutoring, transcription, two substituting contracts...oh crap I counted wrong. Ohhhh right. I'll have six if I get the 'casual' fabricland job. Six jobs that don't add up to a work week.

I guess this is what they mean by under-employed.

Anyways, in more happy news I took myself out shopping after the interview. Because what else is an underemployed lady to do with her but put her mere pennies into the pockets of corporate kagillionaires? I went to Forever 21. I tried on like, a million things. I narrowed it done to three tops, a necklace, and a pair of leggings. I wanted about six pairs of their shoes. But stayed away. The total came to $100 or so when I added in my head. So I put down two tops. $50. So put down the other top $25. I ended up spending about that after tax. After tax = evil words.

Anyways. I got leopard print leggings for $6.80 in lieu of getting the leopard print jeans I really wanted -- those were $30. So cheap! No, not so. Not when you have six jobs, my friend. I got this necklace:

There was only one. I had to. It was on my pinterest, and only $11.80. (yes, that IS a lot of tax, certainly. But at least I won't ever had to pay for a hospital bed. Unless, you know, I get cosmetic surgery or something. Which I won't. Botchalism is not cute).

Okay, so I came home and look at the pin again, and realized that the website was not Forever 21. I thought not. So then I went on their webpage and looked for it, but couldn't find it. Do I have to look in the sale section? Am I hallucinating, or did this necklace just appear randomly and mistakenly in my life? I'd like to believe that. I think I will just for fun.

Anyways, I am still ironing the kinks out of this diet business. protein concentrated in the morning, fruits mid-morning/lunch, veg in the late afternoon/evening. And I am not having much luck with nuts, other than almond milk and almond butter. Peanut butter is dangerous. Cashews just come out too chunky. Working out, pushing myself. Results are gradual. Not crazy enough to be all that encouraging. But I should give it a little more time.