Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More Adventures in the Prairie Wilds

What a long day it was yesterday. It was about 13.5 hours from the time I got up to the time I got home and was able to actually sit down.

First I had a day of substituting for the Hutterites again. It had been raining all night -- and although I didn't get lost for the first time (these folks really do not want to be found, I swear), when I turned down that long dirt road that had turned to mud, my car started slowing down. And then I got stuck completely. I made the mistake of getting out of the car, although it did prove to me that the wheel wells were completely encrusted. I did get the car out of the muda moment later, but it took turning off the automatic stabilization. Then the driving looked a little like:

With a lot of wrenching the wheel back and forth on the inside of the car. When I got there, I was muddy and shaken. It was probably the most stressful driving I've ever done. Fortunately, there is another way back into town that is all gravel roads! I'd never thought I'd be happy to see a gravel road! Woot.

Other things:

-good thing I went to Catholic school as a kid, since they don't have an intercom system in their two-classroom school. I had to lead them in not only singing the national anthem (I can't believe I remembered the words!) but also in the our father. The same version I learnt as a kid. Despite atheist shutterings,  having ex-nuns for teachers back in the day was good for something.
-At lunch time the other teachers informed me that half way through, two of the girls would bring some soup to the staff room for us. What with having an extended family who, on my mother's side, are of German descent and all, I was expecting some sort of hearty beefy stewy egg noodley rustic dish. What we actually got -- apparently called Canadle (that's what the name sounded like), was like cup of soup. Miniscule dough balls that were the noodles, complete with bright yellow broth (when has real chicken broth ever looked that way?) and tons and tons and tons of salt. And a lemon meringue pie that was grey.

Okay I'm spend.