Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Titles and Covers - Already an Update: Conlang, ideographic writing systems, and book cover design

So I've been thinking a lot about those book covers I mentioned yesterday, and I think I've hit on it: I'm definitely going to go with the icon option. And the language option.

See, the thing is, the primary language that I've created for my little world of high fantasy (Omorbia) is the Tree language. Yes, that is what it's called. And the basis for the written version of the Tree language is a pictographic or rather ideographic writing system. Each of the 22 written letters of that alphabet represent concepts or ideas. So what not just match up an idea to its corresponding book and adopt that as the book's icon?

A sample of written Tree, from one of my notebooks
There's only one problem with that. It means that I'd have to create a book cover not from a public domain or creative common image. I won't be able to fool everyone into thinking that I'm not too shabby at this whole graphic design aspect of my endeavours. No, since the Tree doesn't exist in the world outside my writings, I'll have to design the font, and the stylized, iconic book covers from scratch. Eep!

I actually have tried to the font once before. It did not go well. If only there was a way to just take a picture of each letter and then have it instantly, magically appear as a font. Oh well, that's not going to happen unless there are thousands of people who want to perform this one weirdly niche action. If you want something done right, you'll have to go back to the fontstruct drawing board. At least for now.