Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My First Experience with a Tweet-Chat: #NanoPrep

So last week, I think it was Wednesday -- I decided to participate in my first Tweet-chat: this one revolving around the hashtag #NanoPrep.

It was okay. Like everything in life, it wasn't quite what I expected. Granted, I was only able to make it through half the chat because I had to start working, but it seemed like a lot of talk and not so much action to me.

Action? As in, what? I guess I was hoping to make a couple friends. I guess I thought it might be a good way for this lone wolf to connect with other writers. But instead it was a whole bunch of folks trying to one-up each other.

And, in fact, I've been finding that more and more lately about Twitter. The communication medium has so, so much potential. But just like Facebook has become a cesspool of ignorance and hate, Twitter these days it just feels like one big competition for followers. Oh, I could enter that competition. I could pay a whole whack of monies to have more followers than you. But I'm not down with that. I just want to be myself, like I have with everything I've done on the internets.

I'll still use Twitter, no doubt. It's still a good resource, it's still great for communicating with those who actually want to read what I have to write, and for others who are high-minded enough to keep out of the followers competition and the smut of shaming, blaming, and defaming other people. But live-tweeting? Tweet-chats? Ugh. Pass. My life is not defined by a race to be as cleaver as possible in 140 characters.

In other related news, here comes NaNoWriMo barreling around the corner! Ahhhhhhhhhh!