Monday, July 15, 2013

Adventures in this Hinterland

So he's gone again. The obligations of the job mean that he has to go away from time to time. At least now, the fourth time we'll be separated, I have finally figured out coping mechanisms to deal with the inevitable roller coaster of emotions that has already begun.

Yesterday, the first full day of my being on my own again, I decide to do a little urban exploration. Or, suburban I suppose as the place I went lies on the edge of the city, beside a golf course. A provincial park known as the Trappist Monastery Provincial Heritage Park. Ruins. Can you believe it? It's not as grand as you'd think, though. The ruins are only about a century old, used all the way up until the late 1970s. Then there was a fire, which gives the place its older feel:

It was a hot, pretty day and there was nearly no one else there. An older couple who sat on a bench. More folks started to show up when I was just leaving.

The tragic thing is that every June, apparently, they put on "Shakespeare in the Ruins". Missed it. Damn. "Julius Caesar." Can you imagine it?

It puts a question in my mind. Is this a Canadian thing, or do other countries do it as well? It seems that in every major Canadian city of a summer, there is a "Shakespeare in the Park" or "Shakespeare by the Sea" or what have you. Is it all of North America? Is it all of the Western hemisphere? Or just English-speaking countries? I am curious. Anyways:

Look at that little door from outside to outside! By god, I dig that stuff so much. Beyond it was a vast, wild garden and an arts centre that looked quite abandoned on a Sunday.

All right, that's the last of them. A little Artist's Date for me, as per Julia Cameron's the Artist's Way. The only problem with those has always been the obligation part. If I am alone with not much to do on a Sunday afternoon, sure I'll go and see something beautiful (and free). But the whole needing to do it once a week. Ugh. It stirs that rebellious spirit in me that's left over from teenagehood.

As it was, the whole experience was very pleasant. Quiet, contemplative, low-key fun. :)