Friday, July 19, 2013

Christmas in July!

I've always imagined the calendar year as a circle. Don't ask me why, I can't explain. At the top of the circle is January the first, and so in the summer (right now) we are currently at the very bottom of the circle. When someone tells me that their birthday is in October, I immediately visualized it at the left side. Et cetera.

Anyways, the weirdest thing always happens to me when at the bottom of the circle. I am always reminded of its direct opposite: the top of the circle. And so we have it:

Christmas in July

This year the phenomenon was greatly exaggerated by the show I binged-watched last week and weekend: Orange is the New Black. Amazing show!

Anyways, the final episode takes place at Christmas, with all the music and pageant and snow that entails. So now I have Christmas songs stuck in my head.

The Great Thing

I'm not talking about those silly marketing ploys that various corporations put on in July. The really great thing about thinking about Christmas in July is that I get to relive all of the high points and none of the low points. Like the great Christmas music:

Haha home alone. Had to do it. Anyways, I can remember the Christmas music that is actually appealing without having to suffer through the aisles of over-lit stores blaring the smultzy stuff for two solid months.

Another awesome thing about Christmas in July? Remembering the good times had about the holidays, like cats under (or in) Christmas trees without all the family arguments because everyone is so damn stressed over getting a million and a half gifts for a million and a half people who probably don't want or need gifts anyway.

And then there are always the Christmas specials:

Not so much a Christmas show as something they showed on TV once right near Christmas, and so is forever after related in my mind to Christmas hilarity. And then there's always:

Video Cassette. So awesome.

Anyways, yeah. Christmas in July is amazing. Did I mention there's no cold and no snow in July? I think we should move Christmas to July. Or maybe just I will.