Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nothin' but negativity

So I dunno. I keep working away. Tomorrow I find if I made it through to round two, so that's something. I am going out to dinner tonight with the girls. Boston pizza. Hooray! Sarcastic. Sometimes I feel I am heading towards this unremarkable suburban life at light speed and it kind of sucks.

Last Friday I went to a bar with the boys. They ignored me for the most part. I suppose I wouldn't whine so much about people ignoring me if I was willing to say anything about my true self to strangers. It is so difficult for me to pretend that I give a crap about teaching. That I am a teacher like we tell everyone. I am not a teacher. I am a writer. But tell that to people -- that you're an unpublished author and they either disbelief or...what? Either way I am afraid of judgment. Maybe I just shouldn't care what people think and just be myself. Probably.