Tuesday, July 3, 2012

On being an airforce "wife"

So, we're moving. The first in a long line of moves. Right now, however, I have nothing to do despite the fact that it's happening in less than a week. We're getting movers and so we can just keep the house as it is. Eventually we'll have to do things like unplug the TV and the computer. But it is surreal to me since I've lived in eight different places in the past seven years, and every time I've had to do the packing myself.

So anyways he went out to get all the paperwork done and I've worked on my novel and poked around on pinterest and did the dishes. So I'm done until he comes by in an hour and we have an appointment to get a block heater put on the car. Because when you're moving to Winterpeg, Manisnowba you need a block heater on your car so it'll actually start in the winter. Man, it's going to be a long year. Apparently I'm also supposed to get one of those hideous down coats that reach one's ankle. Fun.

The craziest thing about this move is that because we are and are going to be living in military housing, our house is going to be exactly the same. Can you imagine moving across the country only to settle into the exact same model house you had before? Weird!

We still haven't found out whether we'll be allowed to go through the states. If we have to go through Canada it's going to be five days of wilderness and tricky driving. If we go through the states it's going to be like, hey -- tour of the big cities of the Midwest! And lovely cheap prices and probably more pet-friendly hotels in which to stay with kitty. Travel with kitty = crazy adventure. I'll keep you posted.