Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cold Snap

I despise when the weather swings this way in the summer. I could endure four months of 41 and humid if it weren't for the sudden 15 and windy.

But I took advantage of the sudden cool anyhow to do the mountain of dishes in the kitchen. No dishwasher + no central + scorching heat + on a writing roll = a kitchen full of dirty dishes. Oh well, now they're done.

Also completed are the Gloria Vandibilt jeans that I went ahead and hand dyed a perfect mint yesterday, as well as the white gladiator sandals that I picked up at the goodwill clearance center that are now a lovely shade of muted gold.

Art is off the wall, and almost every room has been sorted and cleaned for the upcoming move. Next are the office papers: a horribly big job that I am not looking forward to.

I am also not looking forward to leaving this summer paradise for Winterpeg, so called, and a Spring Redux. I've been checking the weather, and they barely break 20 degrees. At least the mint jeans now have an offically longer shelf life!!

(Pictures soon of all these lovelies, at the moment I seem to have misplaced my camera)