Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Where have I been?

Well, Camp NaNoWriMo for April 2015 is wrapping up, and it looks like I might just be in for another win!

But in the meantime, I realize that I haven't exactly been present on this blog as well as my Inspirational Music for Writers blog. Not to worry, that is all about to change.

Sure, I've been busy. Between receiving and setting up a beautiful new writing desk (isn't is amazing? And still a little disorganized) and becoming obsessed with my another blog, Sense of Aesthetic, I have neglected this, my main blog.

But starting for the month of May, I have sketched out an editorial calendar for this blog and for Inspirational Music for Writers. There's lots of content coming your way, including how-to write book reviews, updates on the various writing projects that I've put on hold over the past few months, and more!

So stick with me if you're a fan of my writing. There's lots of exciting updates to come!