Monday, May 6, 2013

The First Day of Course

So today is the first day of course. Nothing much doing, yet. This being an online/correspondence course and all. No new emails delivering first critiques. No one on the message boards yet, introducing themselves. Should I be the first voice? The push to participation that is sometimes needed? Am I that person?

I was once confident enough to be a leader. But probably not flexible enough. But my confidence, even online, has been scattered. I must work to regain it.

Anyways, you may have noticed that I've been gone for the past week. My parents came for a visit. They gave us a week and a day's notice. It is typical of them to parachute out of the sky and take over my world. It was exhausting, not but all that bad. Distracted them with the high and low-lights of this middle-of-nowhere city:

Like the Forks:

And the Park:
And the museum:

And other such touristy bits. Restaurants and some long-lost friends from the old neighbor who somehow ended up living on the "bald prairie" as my parents called it. The bad roads and worse drivers and the one fruit wine that they make here. Bison meat and soughdour and local brews. And the Mennonite Thrift shop (that one was a visitor request). All very visitory.

Well, I suppose that entertaining guests is over and course is yet to begin, I have little enough to write about. Except for the snow is finally gone and I found this just amazing, amazing cover track that I have to share. Call it a spring celebration, at last:

Not that new or stunning. But love.