Friday, January 23, 2015

Update on Some of My Projects: Smashwords and Zazzle

Now available as an ebook
You may have noticed that I have a couple new widgets on my sidebar. Both are pertaining to exciting projects. Dipping my foot in, if you will.

I was hoping to start these projects when I had a little bit more clout. At some unspecified time somewhere down the line, I hope I would be well known enough as an author that folks would actually want to buy what I'm selling. (that is, for the most part, stories). However, after recently reading "The War of Art" (Thanks +A.M. Wilson now I need my own copy) I realize that all of this is just a form of resistance.

And so I did, guys. I finally did. I signed up for Smashwords. I had some material (the short story "Asteroid 433 Eros") and so why not?

So now if you're not a +Wattpad user and prefer ebooks, you can click the picture at left or the widget on the top of my sidebar and read it. For now, I've set the price at $0.99 to insure wide distribution. Once it's done being reviewed by Smashwords, it'll be available pretty much at any ebook retailer you can think of. I was thinking 'pay what you want', but apparently if I did that, the story wouldn't be distributed through certain ebook retailer. Weird, huh? Either way, I couldn't justify charging more than $0.99 for 4,000-ish words.

The second project that I've got going is my Zazzle store. Depending on rights of the images I use for my preview pics and other associated 'artwork', I've made some products that are related to my writings. A lot of quotation coffee mugs so far, as well as a bunch of notebooks and pillows with the Omorbia map on it. (my own creation, that, and it looks hella good as a pillow if I do say so myself!)

So check it out, if you're a fan. I'll definitely expand the selection of products as I go, so give me a shout out if you have something that you'd love to see and I'll see what I can do!

Exciting times ahead! Continuing RoboNomics, The Mage's Apprentice, and I've got another Scifi short story brewing for you! Have a great weekday, you guys!