Monday, January 19, 2015

Omorbia Book Covers Reveal

Okay, not so much an official reveal. Because you've probably seen the cover for Book I already.

These may not be the professional grade covers that I promised you, but when I saw that I'd have to shell out at least $300 a cover for that...well, necessity is the mother of invention, I suppose.

And so instead I taught myself some gimp techniques instead (oh gimp how I love you). And in that fumbling (which actually didn't end up being too difficult), I made the style of cover that I always wanted.

As I've explained before, I don't like most fantasy novel covers. There is too much cheesy, cartoon-like renditions of the main characters. I also wanted to separate my books from the standard high-fantasy, medieval European plus magic tropes. Since my story was born of different imaginings.

But what I did want is similar to what you see on a particular edition's cover of the Game of Thrones series: an iconic symbol that can be similar but different across the covers, unifying the series as a whole.

And after racking my brain for what could symbolize the covers, it finally dawned on me: of course, silly brain! The letters of my tree language! So obvious!

As is apparent from this two particular covers, I still have some work to do. I have to figure out a way to get the symbols in the exact right place and have them all the same size. I'll get it eventually -- and for now, you get the idea from these mock ups!

In the meantime, what do you think? The Princess and the Dragon will make its appearance on +Wattpad  once I've finished posting Book I up there. Beyond that, I only have notes for the manuscripts but no manuscripts themselves. I'm planning on doing all three +NaNoWriMo! months this year (the camps during April and July, the month itself in November), and so I'm thinking I'll produce three more manuscripts this year. Books III, IV and V. And after that, depending on how it goes, the series might be over, but more likely than not there will be one more book.

But for now, there are no titles for those books. Only numbers. And only covers, it seems. Lend me your feedback! I personally love these covers, and it does seem like the first one has resulted in a bump of reads on Wattpad. But what do you think, my reader?