Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Weekly Update

Hey everyone! Hanging out at my parents' place this week with +Anna Wilson, working on +Wattpad posts and Philosophy Thursday, plus something big on Thursday for the fashion/style blog next week.

RoboNomics Book II got a new chapter, and another to come on Friday. And then Omorbia Book I gets a new chapter tomorrow! Busy bee! Also thinking about how our computers are like a reflection of our brains -- and I've seen one today that is a mess! I'm thinking of a new computer, since I'm working on a 2007ish MacBook that is slowly slowing down. But I've got it just the way I like it. Finally. How much time will it take to train up a new laptop to be a perfect fit? Boo and poop.

All right. We'll talk more Thursday! :P