Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Book Trailer and Other News

So I completely flaked yesterday and forgot to tell you a couple of news-worthy items. Blame it on...getting back into blog writing? Sure.

Book Trailer

First of all, I put together a book trailer for RoboNomics Book II, Chapter 1 of which comes out on September 1 +Wattpad. Excited? You will be once you see it! I dare you not to be! :P

You may have seen this already on one of my many social media accounts. I'll admit it: even though this video is my creation, I'm a little obsessed with it. Part of the reason I'm so narcissistic about it is that, ironically enough, the "voiceovers" for the video were produced by computers. No joke! I wrote the 'script' but then I just recorded computer speech-to-text programs read them out.

The more 'human' British voice was from a website called NaturalReader. That 'voice actor's' name is Peter. The more 'robot' sounding voice is 'Alex' from my text-to-speech algorithm in my old MacBook (OS 10.6.8 -- don't judge! hehe).

It's nuts to me that this is possible. Sure, it's not exactly advance A.I., but considering the material of my book, it's incredibly funny.

Then there's the fact that I've never seen a book trailer quite like mine. And I did do that on purpose. Before I even made the trailer for RoboNomics Book I, I watched a lot of book trailers. And I found a lot of them, including ones made by the massive multi-national corporations who call themselves publishers, to be pretty craptacular.

Now I'm not saying that my trailers are the best in the world. After all, I made with a budget of precisely ZERO dollars. But in aiming to make something that more closely resembles movie trailers, I would like to declare that I have kicked the publishers' bums.

In other words, I'm the best. :P

Big News

Okay, so the other thing that I've announced on my social media accounts is the fact that RoboNomics Book I is going to be a featured story on +Wattpad! I am so super excited about this I can't even tell you!

What it basically entails is that my story is going to be in readers' faces quite a lot more. Becoming featured isn't a privilege bestowed on every story -- it actually has to be vetted and decent. But it is the mystical key to gaining more attention.

I have to admit that I have been surprised by the amount of attention RoboNomics has garnered thus far organically -- nearly 3,700 reads now and 70+ comments and votes. But on a site with users in the millions it still means that it's an 'undiscovered' gem. Apparently being featured means thousands more reads, votes, comments, and that means more attention from publishing industry peeps who are keeping an eye on the site. Does that matter to me? That's a debate for a future post -- but for now, it's enough that people will read and enjoy and be challenged by the story. I'm happy that's it's happened to a small extend so far, but it is about time -- on the eve of Book II release -- that the story get to the next level.

Anyways, that's happening at the beginning of August so I'll let you know how it impacts everything. And I'll keep you in the loop about Book II progress as well! Okay ta-ta for now! :)

Don't mind me...just trying out some new functionality...

Hooray! :)