Tuesday, April 8, 2014


So, yes. Yesterday I decided to take a break from everything. I just needed a single day of decompression. But honestly, things might get a bit spotty over the next few months. The changes, oh the changes. They just keep on coming.

Anyways, taking a day has allowed me to think about things. To think about this weird phenomenon that has come over me again. That awful thing that seems to happen to me every six months or so: an obsession with appearance.

The last time it happened, I thought I had cured myself of it. I thought that if I put away all of the glossy fashion magazines and unsubscribed from all the fashion blogs and YouTube channels, I would just get over it. And for most of the winter, I did. It's not as though I spend this long, cold winter dressed in sweats or anything, that's not the sort of girl I am. But I was not thinking about what the trends were, I wasn't always trying to figure out what to buy next.

Because after awhile, that can get old. If not old, unnecessarily expensive. I decided at one point that while I had a certain developed aesthetic sense, acquiring beautiful things was not helping me achieve my goals. And so I began to unacquire, to simplify my life and to focus wholly on my writing.

But now that it is Spring at long last, the winter hibernation over and it is time again to switch over my closet from fall/winter clothes like bulky sweater dresses and plush-lined tights to spring/summer clothes like shorts, flippy skirts, sleeveless tops. And again I begin to descend into the lower realms of "what can I wear with a vintage pleated midi skirt?"

Perhaps I shouldn't fight it. Perhaps I should not snob out on these my aesthetic desires -- thinking that they are a baser part of myself that should be repressed. Maybe instead of ignoring them, I should compartmentalize them! A little more modern of me, don't you think?

Life is a variegated thing, full of multifarious experiences. And so let's indulge our aesthetic interests together, shall we, on a new blog? If you are interested in that sort of thing. Follow me!