Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Moving Soon! Part 2

Hey everybody! I'm back. The busyness is now over and I am so happy and excited that I now know where I will be this coming summer! :)

So here's the news: we're going back to the small Ontario town we lived in prior to moving to Winnipeg. Not too shabby. Wine country, driving distance to most our friends and family. And here's the best part: Not only we will be in spitting distance (all right, actually an hour and a half drive) from Toronto but we'll also just have a little eight hour jaunt to New York City. I am overjoyed that I'll be so pleasantly situated between the two major literary centers on the continent, and (arguably) two of the biggest in the world.

And in terms of artistic centers, there's also Ottawa and Montreal not too far. I foresee trips into the city for settings research. I foresee trips to the symphony and actual proper nuit blanche. And camping and cottaging in a land with actual real elevation and proper, fast moving rivers that have rapids (a thing that does not exist in Manitoba). Cheap produce! Everything, everything. Too much loveliness to list here. Ontario seems so bland when you've been raised there. It seems so middle of the road when you've lived there your entire life. But then you leave and realize what character it has, what loveliness that isn't actual reproducible. I've missed my home province! We'll see you again in April or May! :)