Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy. One phase of life over. Happiness!

I'm going to admit to you now that although I committed to a publishing schedule of once every week day, this next week is going to be spotty. I also won't be able to post Chapter 8 of RoboNomics until Monday, March 3, unfortunately. Between cleaning and preparing for guests for are coming in for the graduation celebrations and those celebrations themselves, I'll have no time for line editing. In the meantime, however, I can leave you with the news.

My love is finished his training! After three and a half long years of constant exams and another six months before that of just waiting -- the stress is finally over. And so a little look back at what he has (and I have by proxy perhaps) gone through over these past three years of extended torture:

That a video a course who went through last winter made, featuring a couple of our buds.

I can barely believe that it's over! And now we get to go to a big, fancy formal dinner and party! Yay! Okay, friends, I will catch up with you next week! :)