Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Be it Resolved

Hey! Guess what came in the mail the other day? Yay! Well, that round out my collection to five post-secondary educational certificates. Not exactly the Ph.D. I had originally imagined, but hey. Dreams change, right?

So I thought I'd take a moment to check in on how my professional, writing goals for the year are progressing. As you might remember from my New Year's resolution post, these goals are:

1. 1000 words a day
2. each day
3. A blog post every weekday
4. Read at least 20 novels by the end of 2014
5. Complete an iTunes Writing course
6. Finish reading my writing how-to books
7. Finish Posting RoboNomics on wattpad
8. Complete Draft 2 of "Otherwordly"
9. Start a writing critique group.

Resolution #1 is my most important one. And yet, it is the one that I have been terrible at so far. The fact that it is so low on my daily priority list is why it's so important to me. It's just the same as exercising use to be for me. I spent the day not only doing other things, but making up excuses about how conditions are not appropriate to work on it. It is silly, I have it in my mind that I have to have certain music playing. I have to be in the right mind frame. I have to have enough time and have already have at least a spark of an idea that can send me on my way. It is a stupid way to think rather than just carving out what few minutes I have in each day to complete the task. Efforts must to be redoubled.

Number 2 is well on its way. I've got it down to every weekday. Now if only I could break through that barrier of weekend and make the thing a habit.

Blog posts -- done. There's something to said for very public accountability to oneself.

Reading -- well on the way. Nearly finished Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrel and Vanity Fair -- the two hard slogs that were impeding my reading progress. It helps when you trade TV for reading. Reading my how-to books proceeds in much the same way.

#5, #8, and #9: later in the year.

And RoboNomics, well that goes well. I am thinking of perhaps posting only Book I on wattpad. But then again it is Book II that needs more work and reader feedback after all.

I am proud of what I accomplished during 2013, especially when I think about where I was when that year dawned. I ended the year having learned more about the art of writing fiction than I had in all the previous years of my existence. So that's a thing. A happy thing.