Tuesday, August 6, 2013


So we went for a little holiday on the long weekend to the stunning metropolis of Fargo, North Dakota. Sweeet. Actually it wasn't half bad -- American shopping and a tiny but super awesome zoo. And military discounts wherever we went. No matter that it's a foreign military. Everyone called him "sir" and gave us discounts.

It was pretty amazing, though. A little tiny hop over an imaginary line and suddenly the accent changes drastically. Strange continent, this. I suppose it's not as weird as living on a continent where you go a tiny distance and everyone is suddenly speaking an entirely different language (i.e. Europe). I guess our accents should be more dramatically different considering the vast expanses across which we are all spread.

So we had a tiny bit of trouble at the border. We were actually asked to come inside the American border security building thingy. Sitting there, sweating bullets, thinking of all the American border horror stories I'd ever heard, trying to keep it together while all the traveling-to-the-states-from-Canada-without-a-passport-from-either-country folks were called up first to be finger printed and taken pictures of. And here am I thinking, "Am I going to be on a list now? Is the American government going to have my fingerprints? My government doesn't even have those!!!"

It turned out they just wanted to ask me about my applying to MSU about a million (five) years back. No, I never went there. Yes, I did apply. But I didn't go.

And that was it. Odd.

But it got me thinking. Where would I be now, if I had gone to MSU? Well, right about now I'd have a Ph.D. And a bunch more money. Maybe a house I could sell. But I still wouldn't be writing. I still wouldn't be happy.

Which reminds me:

Yay! Winners' goodies are out. I cannot believe that I have another rough draft in the bag. Just to think, back in 2009 I didn't have anything in existence that resembled a novel, just a big collection of my half-attempts that were not yet stories. Not even close. I really have learnt tons since I decided to take writing seriously. Before then, my life was just on forever pause. I am glad that I decided finally to press play.

And now to share with you my newest inspiration/motivation song. Actually I don't want to post the official video here since stuffed animals beating each other up is highly upsetting. But the song itself helps me imagine certain aspects of the world I am currently editing (RoboNomics) plus the whole thing helps give me a little kick in the writing bum each morning. Weeeee!

Okay bye.

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