Thursday, April 4, 2013

Intro to Robots

All right! Now that I've lightened the mood and poked fun at the Frankenstein complex a little, let's get to it.

So I've decided to change the tone of this blog from a personal ranting platform to a series about robots. In anticipation of my novel, which if everything goes as planned will be released very early 2014 (I'm thinking the first day of the year), I would like to explore issues related and tangential to the novels. Specifically, the automation and intelligent machines, broadly speaking, in the novel.

There is no doubt that in print journalism and on the interwebs, people write about and talk about robots quite a bit these days. Perhaps this is a bias colored by research. Or perhaps it is the fact that op-eds and news items are, with more frequency, winding up in Forbes and the New York Times and 
CNN and other major, mainstream news outlets and outside of just Wired and IEEE blogs.

But these outlets report mainly on the emergence of intelligent machines and automated labor and usually with the undercurrent of that frankenstein trope. What I would like to do here is to explore issues, mainly social, related to robotics and other forms of automation but not covered in the novel and not strictly related to the replacement of human labor with machine labor (which is covered, at length, in the book)

And so thusly do we begin. I will try for a post a week in this series. Wobot Wednesdays? Maybe I'll just eschew catchy blog series names and just write. Look out for next week when I will post about the future of technology and the future of early schooling. The intersection of things-I-know-some-stuff-about. Weeee!