Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Just a normal day

It's like...getting ready for a party. Planning a big party with all your friends and then everyone costs and has a great time.

But then after you feel empty, or something. Like all that effort you put into this thing for so long is just gone. That's how it felt when I finished my manuscript and submitted. Of course, after sitting at a desk for 40 hours straight (barring microwave food preparation and washroom breaks) -- anything would feel weird.

So that's my ABNA experience. What was yours?

I was glad to clean the house after a week and a weekend of hard core work. I took a week off any writing at all. And now the next step comes: the next phase in editing (since the thing is not in publisable shape, but I need to take the risk anyway) and then trying to sell it to agents and online.

But I feel it is difficult to get back into it. I need to get back into it, but I need a tiny bit more distance.

Since then my life has been bland. Day job. Running errands like car maintenance and taking the cat to the vet to get her ear looked at (turns out she has a little infection). Boring. Feeling very uninspired. Take a walk, you say? Yes, why that does work every time. Too bad it's like minus one million degrees out!!!!!!!!!!!