Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I saw the (American) Thanksgiving episode of the Mindy Project last night. At the end, there was this whole sequence of the work pals sending Thanksgiving pics to each other. It made me sad.

Because I wish I had a smartphone.

Okay, so how long have smartphones been around? Like, three years? Nah, more like five, right? I guess if you include PDAs its more like 15 or 20. But the iPhone, smartphone of choice came out 2007. So, five years.

I have been poor for so long. Will it end soon please?

Actually I do have a Samsung Galaxy Q or some such nonsense that I got for $0 and can be a smartphone if you like, but I can't afford the data plan. I swear by the time we actually made any sort of real money up in this coupledom we'll have both just passed over smartphones completely and just head straight into reality augmented glasses:

Hey she kinda looks like me. Except also not at all. At any rate, whine. Whine whine. All my technologies is crap. Oh well at least I have a computer.