Thursday, April 19, 2012

I miss LiveJournal...

So I used to have this livejournal account that I started a decade. An actual real Decade ago. I am still such a kid at heart that I can't believe that I just typed that statement. How am I old enough to even remember what happened a decade ago?

The special aspect of said first blog account was that it was uncensured. I would just spew, nearly daily, all my minute emotional rumblings and petty thoughts about hating my job and hating my classes and interactions with passersby. I actually logged back into that account today, and though I set every last one of those entries to private a long, long time ago: I still have access, even after all this time. Maybe I should go back to that account. Perhaps it would allow me to recapture misspend youth.

Nah, I'll just continue here. You can't go back again, right? But there are a few key take away lessons from delving into the past for an afternoon:

1. Write as if no one will read it but you. It's the only way for me to be genuinely me.
2. Get out more often. It's the little things that matter in writing, and in life.
3. You're never quite as far as you think you are from the life you want to live.

Having a livejournal kept me sane. Perhaps now I feel a little insane because I starve myself of that forum. It would be a good idea to form an entry daily, without worrying about what the market is like. In 2002, blogs were personal journals. Nowadays, everyone has a damn blog and it has to have a market niche. Nuts to That! It's time to have again, to become once more addicted to the written word!Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!